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CST Fleet Services Announces “What if……?”™ Modeling for Fleet Management

CST Fleet Services of North Carolina announced today a unique service package for fleet management called “What if……?”™ Modeling. It represents the culmination of 35 years of cost savings initiatives and programs for the fleet community.

“What if……?”™ Modeling is a unique way of forecasting scenarios that fleet managers themselves envision which may lead to cost savings. It is ‘suppositional’ forecasting.

Jon White, co-founder of CST puts it like this: “The concept is actually quite simple. We, as an industry, have all this fleet historical data which tells us about the past. We have reports and metrics, and graphs and trends…….on and on. All of this tells us about history…..what has happened. The real question is: What does it tell us about the future? What hidden messages can be inferred about changes in the fleet operation which might save the fleet manager precious money? “What if……?”™ Modeling answers these types of questions.

For example:

What if I consolidate these shops, expand shifts and move these mechanics, what impact will it have on my costs and downtime?
What if I break down the ‘silo’s of my organization and infrastructure, and combine all my fleets together? What will it look like? Can I save money on the bottom line?
What if I contract all my body shop work and move these mechanics to repair lanes?
What if I do a full service lease on half of my light duty non-emergency vehicles? What impact will that have on my budget over the next 5 years?
What if I move close 25% of my fuel sites and use commercially available ‘point of sale’ cards? Where will my fuel budget be next year?
What if I converted 50% of my refuse vehicles to CNG? What impact would that have on my carbon footprint? What would be the impact on the fuel budget? In essence the “What if……?”™ Modeling by CST Fleet Services takes your fleet data and makes a very specific forecast to your very specific “What if……?”™ questions.

In essence the “What if……?”™ Modeling by CST Fleet Services takes your fleet data and makes a very specific forecast to your very specific “What if……?”™ questions.

In this vein of work CST takes hypothetical scenarios and suppositions made by fleet managers and forecasts the financial impact on the fleet operations and budgets. It is the results of literally a career built upon cost savings programs and forecasting.

CST, has done fleet consolidation studies and modeling for fleets in Detroit, Chicago, Houston, New York, Tulsa, Richmond, as well as other cities and private fleets. “We have built a wide array of models and forecasting algorithms”, says White, “we are simply putting all of this together and offering the fleet community a package. The industry is finally ready for this. It’s a new way to be of service to the fleet community. We are taking traditional approaches on cost savings to the next chapter in its evolution.”

For more information on “What if……?”™ Modeling, please contact us.
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