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"CST and Arlington worked together in 2013 conducting a fleet rightsizing study evaluating the fleet with age, utilization and condition models. The rightsizing study projects improved operational use and significant potential savings over the next 8 years as the recommendations are implemented."
Allen Mitchell Equipment Bureau Chief , Arlington County, VA

"CST Fleet services lead the City of Chicago to a fully integrated cost effective fleet of more than 12,000 automotive assets. Their modeling capabilities and ability to implement fleet best practices were key in cost reductions and maintenance improvements……which had a great impact on our transparency to our customer departments."
Robert Degnan, Commissioner Department of Fleet Management, City of Chicago, 1997-2001

"The City of Detroit has faced many economic challenges over the last decade. The staff of CST played a very vital role in helping the City control costs, as well as manage our mobile assets, fuel and parts. We learned a great deal from their initiatives and teachings."
Craig Rice, Fleet Manager and Director of General Services, City of Detroit, 2006-2010

"CST Fleet services assisted Waste Management in developing requirements, reviewing systems, implementing and customizing a global integrated maintenance system. CST Fleet Service’s  ability to analyze data and formulate business recommendations was a key process in our business improvements."
 Alex Popov , Vice President Logistics, Waste Management Industries,  1998-2004

"The City of Houston looked into a major fleet restructuring process for its fleet of more than 12,000 assets in 2010. The CST vision of how this might look over time was a key factor in our path as we moved forward. The CST modeling around “what if we did……?” was very key in the movement to a new Fleet Management Department and how this migration would impact the City budget."
James Tillman, Deputy Director, Department of Finance, City of Houston, 2010

“Springfield engaged CST Fleet Services to do an industry best practices assessment of our fleet operations, which revealed a myriad of inefficient and outdated policies, procedures and systems.  After identifying our weaknesses, CST proceeded to recommend several specific and measurable courses of action along with potential savings, including the consolidation of our four independent fleet operations.  In my opinion, the services that CST provides can prove to be very valuable to municipalities that are faced with the necessity of maximizing the efficiency of every dollar spent on their fleets.  The CST team was easy to work with,  worked diligently and performed beyond our expectations.”
William D. McCarty, Director, Office of Budget and Management, City of Springfield, IL

“CST was engaged by DeKalb County to do an ‘industry best practices’ evaluation and look at our metrics as compared to other fleets. The work reinforced much of our direction and validated some enhancements for our fleet department which were in the planning stages and needed. In fact, CST recommended that we apply as a Government Best 100 Fleet; we did and were recently named to the “Best 100 Government Fleets for 2011” by Government Fleet Magazine. CST knows their business, is easy to work with and make their commitments.”
Greg Brake, Fleet Manager, DeKalb County, GA

"At Long Beach we strived to manage the fleet using summarized metrics for maintenance as well as special projects. The Value Indicators by CST provided us a very quick look at how our operation was performing. Their innovation really assisted us in getting more done with less."
Dennis Hill, Director of Fleet Management, City of Long Beach, 2001-2006

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