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State of Oklahoma 
Performed a comprehensive best practice study across all State-owned fleet groups. The study has pointed to areas for cost sjavings initiatives which are currently being orchestrated via CST follow-up projects. 

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Cook County, IL 
Contracted to evaluate current county-wide fleet operations and make recommendations on reorganization and implementation of a fleet management system inclusive of maintenance and fuel. The work resulted in the creation of a fleet management division and a new position for the County Fleet Manager within the Bureau of Administration for Cook County. 

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Assisted with the design of in-house maintenance
reporting system; provided custom software for
tracking tire expenditures. 

Waste Management
Assisted in the selection of a commercially available maintenance reporting system; assisted in planning implementation; developed metric software for
measuring compliance of system usage for
600 plus shops. 

Southwest Gas
Provided The Value Indicator Software product;
customized for fuel metrics.

Calpine Gas, Houston, TX
Evaluated the regional and national fleets for Calpine across 26 states. Developed models for replacement evaluation of vehicle. Drafted local and national policies and procedures for fleet management.

DeKalb County, GA
Evaluated the fleet against industry best practices and comparable metrics. Recommended the fleet for Government Fleet Magazine Best 100 Fleets – Award made for 2011 and announced April 2012.

City of New York
Worked  to support the Mayor’s Office of Operations, under former Deputy Mayor Steven Goldsmith, in
developing long term fleet strategy recommendations for maintenance and fuel. Developed many new
CST “What if…?”™ models specifically for the City suppositions.

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City of Houston
Provided a comprehensive study for the City and
recommended the consolidation of the City’s
“fleetsilos” into a centralized Fleet Management Department.

Worked with the City to garner a sizable percentage
of the forecasted savings for FY11 and FY12.

Click here to read the article in Government Fleet magazine.

Arlington County, VA 
Implemented a county-wide best practice study and coordinated an in-depth vehicle asset right-sizing analysis with CST modeling and forecasting which will lead to future and ongoing savings.

Chicago Transit Authority 
Engaged by the CTA to perform a major study evaluating the  testing and inspection processes for parts before they are placed in service in the transportation system. Made recommendations for improvements to processes. 

Cities of Red Deer, Alberta,  Canada; and College Station, TX, USA
Worked with partner Energetics, a subsidiary of VSE Corporation, to examine options for both cities to reduce  greenhouse gas emissions for greener fleets.  CST identified traditional methods for reducing fuel consumption as well as ways in which the fleets could save money through efficiency initiatives. CST also identified impacts changing technology would have on the maintenance and lifecycles of the fleets. 

City of Chicago
Provided project management for selection of commercial maintenance management system, RFP, contract and implementation; assisted in selection of strategic parts supplier; assisted in fleet consolidation City-wide. 

City of Detroit
Provided over 10 years of fleet consulting in a wide array of areas. Ran CST “What if……?”™ models which assisted in fleet consolidation City wide; consolidated and reduced number of fueling sites. Supported the City during the recent bankruptcy with the restructuring of the City’s vehicle assets, maintenance and ownership profile. 

State of Indiana
Completed study on fleet consolidation state
wide for maintenance and fuel; made
recommendations on vehicle
life cycles and usage.

City of Springfield, IL
Evaluated the segregated fleet operations and recommended a city-wide fleet consolidation. Projected cost savings and drafted plan for the implementation and centralization of a single garage. Click here to read an article in the Springfield Journal Register.

City of Tulsa

Provided some additional recommendations for the
City’s previously consolidated fleet operations.

Ran CST “What if…?”™ modeling to forecast the impact
of fleet resizing ad well as maintenance facility consolidations.

Forecasted carbon footprint 4 years into the future.

Tulsa Reduces Fleet Size under CST Right-Sizing Guidance.

City of Richmond, VA
Did a brief study and ran CST “What if…?”™ models
to validate suppositions by fleet management and
substantiate budgetary impact.


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