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Hayes Smith
Since 1992, Hayes Smith has been of service to the fleet community. First as a product manager for a major component supplier of technology, and then as a cost savings analyst for fleet management executives, he has been personally responsible for visions of very practical solutions for fleet managers. As a partner with CST, Hayes brings a unique facet of skills to CST Fleet Services combining his past experiences of supporting fleets while working in city government, developing and implementing satelite based fleet solutions and delivering real world fleet management solutions.

Ron Hall
Ron Hall completed degrees in mathematics and computer science from Virginia Tech in 1982 and immediately went to work in the truck transportation industry. Ron is an entrepreneur at heart – looking for problems which can be solved with technology. Ron’s work in the on board technology of truck transportation has yielded innovative and strategically important solutions for the industry at large. As the co-founder of CST Fleet Services, Ron brings forward years of vision to the CST customers and a dedication to simply “being of service."

Alex Smith
Alex Smith joined CST in 2014 as a fleet analyst. Alex has helped CST advance its resource and asset managment modeling from linear spreadsheets to integrated tools that allow our customers to not only look at potential solutions for one problem today, but allow them to see how these solutions will impact all of their fleet management operations in the future.

Jon White
Jon White is the former president of CST, now working with CST as an associate consultant. Jon entered the fleet transportation industry in 1976 as a fleet data analyst after receiving his Master’s Degree in theoretical physics and working for the US Navy doing nuclear submarine component failure forecasting research. Jon has been an entrepreneur for the industry – offering technology solutions as changes in the industry ‘demanded’ creative problem solving. As a co-founder of CST Fleet Services he has been of service to the fleets as well as manufacturing and supply segments of the industry. In 1989 Jon was nominated for the industry’s prestigious “Fleet Technology Man of the Year” for his work on the universal diagnostic platform.

Bob Degnan
Robert Degnan worked for the City of Chicago for over 32 years starting as a heavy equipment operator and retiring from the position of Commissioner, Department of Fleet Management. In 2001 Robert was honored with the American Public Works Association Public Fleet Manager of the Year award. Subsequent to his retirement Robert worked as General Manager of the non-revenue fleet for the Chicago Transit Authority. Bob has been supporting CST Fleet Services as an independent associate since 2007.

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