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Current News – January 2014

State of Oklahoma

The State has completed the review of CST Phase I recommendations and the new State vehicle asset task force is moving forward with Phase II to begin implementing selected recommendations and cost-saving initiatives.

CST Points to Savings of Over $ 1 mil with State of Oklahoma


The second phase of our initial recommendations for staffing, fleet best practices, and right-sizing has started and will continue into 2014. Click here for more information.

Chicago Transit Authority

CST completed their Phase I recommendations surrounding the parts inspection and testing policies for rail and bus. Phase II to implement some of the recommendations is set to start in early 2014.

New York City

Mayor Bloomberg and his Deputy Mayor of Operations recently released the work and recommendations made by CST in 2011. The work by CST laid out a plan for consolidation and forecasted cost savings. Click here for more information. 

City of Detroit

The City Emergency Financial Manager for the City of Detroit has retained the experience of CST. CST is assisting in analysis and recommendations around maintenance outsourcing and options on asset lease / rental as Detroit proceeds through bankruptcy.

Huron Consulting

CST has signed a working agreement with Huron Consulting of Chicago to provide fleet domain expertise for their clients and potential clients. Working with Mike Brink and Steven Goldsmith, CST will move forward with Huron in developing fleet initiatives for Huron customers.

Red Deer, Ontario / College Station, TX / Bryan Park, TX

CST has provided fleet domain expertise with the new CST partner, Energetics (a subsidiary of VSE Corporation), to plan an optimal path for fleet management including the forecast of carbon footprint as the result of expanded use of alternative fuels.


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