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Emissions Level and Carbon Footprint Forecasting
Fleet Manager's "What If...?" Modeling
Fleet Consolidation
Strategic Vehicle Parts Partnership
Fuel Management
Enterprise Fleet Mangement
Conceptual Designs
Where are your ‘blind spots’? What are you missing in your fleet management perspective? Do you need a special tool or piece of technology integrated into your organization? We have brought forward many new approaches to the industry over the years. Many started with just a conceptual design and ended up as a ‘tool’ that provided proven and measurable results.

Where are your ‘blind spots’?
What do you need in technology or processes that you do not have?
What are the gaps in your systems or processes that are costing your
organization and customers time and money?
What new technologies are out there which can streamline your operation…..
giving you more time to just solve problems?

CST Fleet Services is always out in the industry – bringing new technologies to the forefront.
We have assisted many fleets in just simply writing a ‘concept’ that solves a problem. Sometimes it’s just as simple as a process flow that achieves better efficiencies on the shop floor. Sometimes it’s a piece of technology that costs a few bucks and saves millions. And sometimes it’s just a fresh look at a problem you have from a different perspective.

Let us assist you in seeing through the blind spots and come up with a practical solution to help you provide optimum service to your customers.

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